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Bath and Body Works Reviews

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  • Bath and body works harassing staff members

    I used to love shopping at bww it was my favourite store, but there's new staff members that harass me and follow me around the store suggesting scents I don't like telling me what I should buy, not answering my actual questions about products and questioning me and acting personally offended when I don't buy anything and I'm about to leave the store, it's such an unpleasant experience now it's not worth it to shop there anymore when the staff at the body shop are so nice and let you shop in peace. The last time I spent money at bww I felt bad about it upon... More...
    amberrr's Picture   amberrr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad experience at BBW

    I am a big BBW fan, and go to many of their stores. Every experience before today had I had workers who were absolutely phenomenal and go above and beyond for their costumers. But the one located in the Mall of Monroe I had two completely rude ladies; their names were Shelly and Shelby. For Shelly, my friend and I had asked a question regarding a coupon we had, and she so rudely answered after sighing and rolling her eyes. We let that brush off our shoulders but later saw her rudely talking with another customer too about their current candle sales going on. Then, when we got in line,... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    ashesapple's Picture   ashesapple    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Customer Service once again from this particular location and store!

    To start I was not greeted when I entered the store nor acknowledge by any team members who actually made eye contact with me. Not only that once I did find my item this was what followed: 3 team members standing behind the register one seemed like she was doing nothing but talking, the other whom she was talking too was actually taking was cashing out a customer and the 3rd one, whom I had the most problem with her name is Caitlin she works at 2774 E. Colonial Dr. Suite#B Orlando, FL 32803, was there just talking not cashing out the customer who clearly had already done that but just... More...
    SecretShopper's Picture   SecretShopper    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wallflower refills

    I try so desperately to find the refills that I love the most and can never find them. At Christmas time I was able to order a few of the Sandalwood Vanilla (Favorite)refills and now they cannot be found. I have given these as gifts due to the fact they are wonderful. Can you explain why something so wonderful can no longer be purchased or found in the stores or online? Thank you, Diane Warren 305 S Oak St Mentone In 46539-9388 More...
    Kregger145's Picture   Kregger145    0 Comments   Comments
  • VERY leisurely delivery of gift card

    I went online on Sunday, July 14 to order a gift card for my mom, who likes their products. The website is well arranged and well behaved but allows no choice of delivery dates, and I didn't want the card to arrive too far ahead of her July 21 birthday. Well, not to worry. It didn't ship (via UPS) until July 16 [isn't most of this stuff done by computers nowadays?] and is now scheduled to arrive on July 22. IT'S A CARD, for God's sake. Heard of the Postal Service? And FIVE-PLUS shipping days to arrive? Via Fiji? More...
    txtjm's Picture   txtjm    1 Comments   Comments
  • charged for free item

    I went to return a 35.00 worth of bath items. When I bought it was 7 because one is free. When I return it I kept one thinking it was free but the rude associate named Abby insisted that I need to return all 7 to get a full refund. She charged me $11.00 so I only got $22.89 back instead of the full $34.34. She had an attitude when I asked for the corporate number, store number and wrote her name down. I told her the item I kept obviously is not free if I have to pay for it. I'm demanding to get my money back for something it's supposed to be free. I'm very very... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Customer treatment

    I am regular customer of your store and visit frequently the store at Woodbridge Mall, NJ . Today(11/20/11 12 p.m) I was appalled by the treatment received from the store associate. I happened to test a room spray ( used the test bottle) and hear this lady (store associate) at counter scream "we have enough smell hear already" and she adds to using a mocking voice "it will be $5.99 plus $19.99 inconvenience charge". Im shocked and very disappointed but Nevertheless I can find other stores for my needs. More...
    anumeasureup's Picture   anumeasureup    1 Comments   Comments
  • poor customer service

    Poor customer service, failure to carry product highly sought after, failure to read reviews. delayed shipping on orders when available. Don't keep discontinuing what customers want. have your so called "team" do their job if they even exist. I feel your company is involved in scamming the public, why else would you discontinue a highly popular line??? Written complaints are ignored. Solution; Carry products that people want read reviews and stock your shelves accordingly. Immediately reply to written complaints. People get mad and tend to further their complaint when... More...
  • Believe the customer is always dumb

    I recently went to Bath and Body works where they had a buy three get two free sale. I provided my receipt to the clerk. She rang it up. I had a lot of things to do this day so I hurriedly finished my errands and went home. Upon arriving home I discovered that they only rang up four of my five items and had not given me a free item. I called the store and was put on hold repeatedly. Finally, I logged on and submitted a complaint via the internet and even provided them with a store location and receipt number for verification. I was told to call for a one on one discussion.... More...
    HonestCItizen's Picture   HonestCItizen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Why so expensive Bath and Body Works?

    I have always loved Bath and Body Works products, they are so great for treating myself or for giving as gifts but lately I've noticed the prices are WAY more expensive than before. They also run promotions on certain scent lines where you can buy 3 of any product in the line for $15 but it doesn't include the BEST products, only the ones that you'd pay only a couple of dollars for in the drugstore (different brand of course). It's hard to go in there and find a gift for a decent price. More...
    girliepie's Picture   girliepie    10 Comments   Comments

Bath and Body Works Reviews By Product

Bath and Body Works Comments

janie1109 says: (3 years ago)
The Walflower Fragrance has leaked and since it has acid in it.My paint on my wall has peeled off on the floorboards of my room.I want to return it even though it has been used!

santastreat says: (3 years ago)
Hi, again... Did you receive my comment or question, please let me know by E-mailing me back at as soon as possible.. thanks, Susan Arcuri- I was going to come in your store on Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014 to find these items. Please let me know if you still have them and what the prices are... Thank you... Susan Arcuri

santastreat says: (3 years ago)
Hi... I saw your advertisement on the internet for We wish you the PERFECT christmas for -perfect Christmas Fragrances hand soaps. I saw them one day on the computer,and the day I saw them it was the last day of the sale which was 5 for $18 and 7 for $ 24. Do you happen to have any of the fragrance hand soaps left in iced gingerbread, twisted peppermint, vanilla bean noel, winter candy apple, fresh sparkling snow, and winter cranberry. Can you E-mail me at, and let me know if you still have these hand fragrance soaps. I want them for a Christmas present. Thank you...Susan Arcuri E-mail address again is

paulakaz1 says: (5 years ago)
I was treated very well while shopping for christmas presents. The staff was very helpful and eager to help. I will definitely return to Bath and Body Works for future gifts.

tobewithjesus says: (5 years ago)
The Bath and Body Works store at Circle Centre Mall is ran by a bully named Dana. She has hired a new manager named Sarah who uses drugs frequently and does not have a GED or a diploma. Is this a common practice in stores to bully their employees? There was a girl who got violently sick and she still wanted her to come in and work which would put the rest of the staff and customers at risk. I think that I am going to let channel 8 know abouut this Bath and Body Works at Circle Centre Mall is in Indianapolis. And I will make sure that every single one of my friends never shops there again until this issue is rectified. My email adress is While Dana was walking by in the store I oveerheard her say on her earpiece to watch a black woman that she might steal. Is all Bath and Body Works stores prejudice?

scents says: (6 years ago)
I soooo miss the scents from last fall.also missing the small white pumpkin full of candle as well as the large orange pumpkin.i am currently looking for replacement soaps.It seems I find some I like and next fall they are gone.Any chance those scents from last year will return?

anin says: (7 years ago)
I'm a frequent buyer at bath and body works , December 8,2010 while shopping at the store plastic clearance plate fell on my right arm while the lady from bath and body is arranging the stocks, my arm had bumps , the manager from bath and body took my statement , if i haven't called they would not even take any actions about it, now i'm speaking to Michelle Fohl, from i have submitted all the pictures up to now she haven't take any actions that was december 18,2010 , I hope you would not ignore your customer as well your clients who often purchase your products my file number for michelle fohl is 1682164 concern citizen

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